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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  April 29, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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welcome to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >> good evening, everybody. i'm dave feldman. head on the show rg3 takes over d.c. the caps on game 2 and the orioles continue to roll, but we begin with the home team. call him cocky, brash, a phenom, but one thing is for sure. bryce harper has been called up to the major. today the 19-year-old's second day in the bigs as the nats try to avoid a sweep by the
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dodgers. bottom of the 4th, no score, gio gonzalez, matt kemp. oh, right back at gio. >> he hit right. good spot to get hit, front door. >> juan uribe to deep center field. here comes bryce harper. bryce look out. you got a wall scenario. oh, and he bounced right up, made the throw, too. harper great play. they thought maybe he had to come out, but bryce is 9 nine and said you know what? i'm -- is 19 and said you know what? imafen. top of the 5th, still scoreless, tracy moore comes through with a base hit to right, his first career major league hit, one day after bryce harper did the same thing. bottom of the 6th, james loney, bases loaded. matt kemp and andre ethier
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score, the first runs surrendered by gio gonzalez. top of the 7th bryce harper turns on a breaking ball, one of four hits to the nats, the 2nd of his career. nats are shut out for the first time this year, 2-0. dodgers tweaked the three-game series. nats have lost a season high four straight. >> it's pretty tough. they kept the ball in almost the whole series and we didn't make a lot of adjustments. you know, i guess they sprouted and we didn't get after it in there. tip your hat. they got a pretty good pitching staff over here and have done very well. we pitched good enough to win, just wasn't good enough. >> despite the loss price harper supplied the play of the game at the bottom of the 4th, juan uribe to center and harper wall grab. he was a catcher before being drafted by the nationals but does a terrific job adjusting
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from the leap to the cancer even had the presence of mind to try to double up the run -- catch, even had the presence of mind to try to double up the runner at first base. >> i was thinking if i get a ball in the gap, i'm going to go as hard as i and not let the guy on first base to score. in that situation you want to catch everything. i cramped up actually when i landed. that was the only thing that bothered me, but it's better than running into a wooden log in syracuse. >> that's true. orioles hosting the a's, bird on the verge of being shut out for the first time this year. bottom of the 9th they trail 2- 0. matt wieters hits it deep left, going to hit off the wall. j.j. hardy scores. a saddam dunn scores, game tied 2 -- adam dunn scores, game
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tied 2-2. then two on, two out, just enough to clear the wall for a home run. his third of the year, game winner. orioles score five in the 9th to beat the a's 5-2. now six games above .500 for the time since july, 2005. the struggling angels in cleveland against the indians, bottom of the 5th no score -- one is applied to right field. routine, right? no. torii hunter had some sun issues. where is it? two runs score on the play. indians in front 2 -0. now top of the 6th it's the angels mike trout with it back to right and aaron cunningham slips, gets up and makes the catch. a tale of two teams, indians shut on the the angels 4-0 and lead the al central with an 11- 9 record, angels expected to compete for world series in the a.l., 7-15. time for a break. when we return, rg3 makes himself comfortable at fedex
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field and an untarget stick 3rd period back to back mistake dooms -- uncharacteristic 3rd period back to back mistake zooms the caps. caps-- dooms the caps.
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one game does not a series make. remember the caps lost to the bruins in boston in game 1. it's not a good start told, although it was 90 seconds in the 3rd -- start today, although it was 90 seconds in the 3rd period that really doomed washington. when it was determined in one minute and 30 seconds, 3rd period, brandon holtby is beat gloveside, gives the rangers a 2-1 lead. the rangers were on a rush. that hiccup gave crowder all the room he needed. 90 seconds later jason chimera loses it along the board. two mistakes cost the caps. they fall to the rangers 3-1 in
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game 1. the series resumes tomorrow night in the big apple. game 2 at 7:30. wednesday the series shifts to d.c., 7:30 game time. a nice day in philly for a hockey game, flyers hosting the devils in game 1 of the eastern conference semis. 3rd period flyers lead 3-2, but they turn it over. the devils go ahead to peter secora who fakes, shoot and scores. tied at 3-3. it's passed to danny briere. his shot threw traffic goes through martin brodeur for the game winner. the flyers take game 1 eming the devils 4-3. -- edging the devils 4-3. nba playoffs, this game wasn't about kobe. he was good, but andrew bynum
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was great. 2nd half a little denial, one of 10 blocks to tie an nba record. later in the 2nd half pau gasol to tie in for the dunk. 10 points, 13 boards, 10 blocks. another big playoff game for kobe. i said he's good. he's kobe. he had 31, game high. lakers defeat the nuggets 103- 88. when we return, robert griffin, iii in his first official day as a redskin.  [ tires squeal, engine revs ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] not everything powerful has to guzzle fuel. the 2012 e-class bluetec from mercedes-benz. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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welcome back. it was no surprise absolutely when the redskins selected robert griffin, iii with the second overall pick in thursday's nfl draft, but yesterday it was a surprise when they chose another quarterback in the first round, check that, fourth round. it was the first time the redskins took two qbs in the same draft since 1994 when they took heath shuler and gus ferrot. the redskins selected michigan state qb kurt cousins, 6' works had 27 college victories as a starter in the spartans winningest quarterback ever led michigan state to back to back winning seasons. he played for the north shanahan coached the south. he was slated to go high in the draft and the the redskins said they could not pass him up when he was available in the fourth round. the pick was in no way an indication that rg3 support the right guy, but you need a good backup and in a mike shanahan
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offense you can't have enough good quarterbacks but for griffin good is not the expectation level. great is. >> i think a lot of times the media can take what the fans and the expectations are and just maybe misplace it a little bit. you know, the fans aren't excited just because i'm coming into town. they're excited about the pieces that are already in place with the washington redskins. so that's what i try to tell people. you have great defense. they've hded weapons on offense. they brought me -- added weapons on offense. they brought me in to be the quarterback. that's what the excitement is about. it's not just about me being here. it's about the team that's already here with the addition of myself. you try not to expect anything in life or assume anything. so i work towards being the starting quarterback on day one. then when it comes to the verbiage i could give you a long verbiage play from our college playbook and a long one for the redskins playbook. so it's not necessarily that. it's just on a consistent basis the verbiage will be long at the next level.
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try not to take the weight of the past 20 years on my own shoulders. i realize there's other guys on this team that can help us be successful. i don't have to do everything, you know. all these guys are very talented. many all americans, you know, all conference players. so everybody on this team is here for a reason, because they want to win and they're good what the they do. >> big week coming up for d.c. sports fans, caps and rangers tomorrow, tuesday bryce harper makes his home major league debut against the d-backs and wednesday caps host the rangers in game 3 at verizon center. thanks to the flying blue note, the dunner. he's just one man. i'm dave feldman. i'll see you tomorrow. >> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra.


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